This blog is geared towards my fellow coaches, clients and curious individuals all over the world. I am currently on a personal and professional journey to healing and helping people through positive thinking and life coaching. The first chapter of this journey was studying at NYU and creating my own business. Through creating visions and making them a reality, I've made it to my first stop! Now that we're here, it's time to delve into deepening my knowledge of something I am most curious about; curiosity. 

I am one of the most curious individuals I’ve come across in the last 28 years. I question everything and don’t leave without an explanation. Most importantly, if a situation does not feel positive or uplifting, I will figure it out until I am able to process it, release it and move forward. Here is the thing; I know what it means to be curious in my own life, but what I will be researching is how it fits into other people’s lives. Children have it easy because they always ask why, but where does that curiosity to question things go as we get older into adulthood? 

With this, I am ready to begin on this exciting path of new knowledge, insights and wisdom to share. I hope this topic will relate to my readers and be useful in a variety of aspects in all of our lives! 

With best intentions always,