Stay Curious With Samara!


Hi! My name is Samara Goldberg, founder and creator of StayCurious with Samara. I am a New York University Certified Coach. Leveraging my training and solutions focused mindset, I provide personalized coaching to curious individuals who are looking to positively enhance their lives.


Here is some background on my journey to becoming a life coach. I moved to New York City with every intention of beginning a career as an actress in the musical theatre world. While auditioning, I made an easy and natural transition into teaching children and working closely with their parents. My passion for music and performing was easily fulfilled as children tend to learn best through music. My audience did shrink in age, but their level of appreciation doubled in numbers!


After four years of teaching in New York, I decided to make the biggest change of all. I moved to Netanya, Israel to teach English to children and embrace a new culture. A new passion of mine formed with ease; travel. Traveling gives a person a new perspective and appreciation for life. For me, it enhanced my level of curiosity that I had with children and adults alike. It was on a retreat, overlooking the mountains in the spiritual city of Tzfat where I knew what my career upon returning to New York would be; Life Coaching. 


People often ask me, “What exactly is a life coach?” To answer this simply, every life coach is different and has his or her own philosophy. Here is who I am as a life coach; I am a curious individual who actively listens and is consistently present. I promise to guide my client in setting goals, taking actions and reaching their desired outcomes. A life coach is a reliable support system who will help you get clear on who you are today - and who you want to be in the future! 


                                                       NYU Certification in Coaching